#JesuisNigeria – val på söndag

På söndag går Nigeria till val. Vår systersektion som arbetar för en fredlig utveckling känner en oro inför vad som kommer ske på valdagen. Attackerna från Boko Haram har ökat och spridit sig i regionen. Våra tankar är med våra kollegor.

Vi vill därför publicera denna text av Mariama Jobe som hon läste vid en manifestation för Nigeria i vintras. Tack Mariama för att vi fick dela den.


Sometimes I wonder what ever happened to all the news that didn’t make it to the TV-scream, all the news that didn’t make it in time to BBC and CNN. I wonder if I can find a stack of African news placed somewhere in an old basement, where they locked the door and threw away the key. Why did they keep the news away from society? Where’s the audacity? When we the majority would like to get the truth.

I dream about all brown skinned massacres that our history books in school strategically left out. So while the world is busy grieving a racist magazine in their desperate attempts to make Muslims less human, Nigeria on the other hand is crumbling in from within, leaving traces on my black skin.

2014 Nigeria lost their girl. Before we continue let’s go back in time.

Can you hear them? Hundreds of gyals singing the national anthem of Nigeria. Tones breaking glass, only so that people stepping over the shattered pieces will bleed to death. Can’t you hear them? Their throats are so dry that the echo crawls over the surface of the horizon. Schools in Nigeria are empty, there’s blood on the walls and loud screams still echoing in the end of the corridors. The letters on the blackboard walks down a step of panic. You see, the never ended math excavations on the blackboard recorded a time of when teachers where shot in the head, right before 300 girls were kidnapped.

When will they bring back our girls? How many hashtags on twitter will I have to tweet before the world has heard my song? Because there’s no oxygen left in my lungs soon the saliva will dry out on my tongue.

Did you know that a hummingbird flaps its wings 19 times at a second? Each second those wings collide Africa experiences September 11th. We don’t use the #Neverforget because it’s impossible to forget when every day is just like the day before. Every hour in Africa is a Boston marathon explosion that never made it to BCC. Explosions create an illusion of fog to the out world, sadly. During these five years children in Nigeria has been taught how to run instead of how to play in the sand. Their favorite color will forever be red, because red is all they see.

Boko Haram has turned Nigeria’s smile of a curve into a straight line again. Now I can’t sleep, because I feel no peace, like a bird without its wings. Just take a second to imagine stepping over dead bodies in Baga. The fact is that Boko Haram has killed more people than Ebola. The only reason why Ebola makes it to the news is because it has spread outside the boarders of Africa. Suddenly death knocks on the door in Norway, Spain and USA.

The whole world should be grieving, wearing black, instead only some of us has to carry the burden on our backs. Sadly, the world has put up big fences around Africa, which are only opened when they want chocolate, cocoa, cassava, slaves, women, gold or diamonds. I just thought that the screams of people being slaughtered in Nigeria perhaps would make a bigger fuss than people marching the streets in Paris.

You see desperation has its own tone.  Fear has its own drum and Nigeria is singing the first tone of a melody so rare to the human ear that we often mistake it for eternity. So please, put a stop to their misery.

The news are discussing weather of not Boko Haram is a terrorist group that West should tackle. Never have I heard so much bullshit in early mornings. I just keep hearing this white noise.

#JesuisNigeria, do you?

Mariama Jobe

Vill du läsa mer av Mariama? Läs här.

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